What will the SIA check when applying for a license?

SIA will check the following:

  • Age - you must be over to hold an SIA license

  • Your identity

  • Your qualifications

  • Mental health

  • Your right to work in the UK

What qualifications do I need to apply for my SIA license?

  • First Aid at Work

  • Close Protection Operative Level 3

What if I fail the Close Protection Level 3 course?

You will be given the chance to demonstrate your capabilities in the course.  If you do not meet the required standard you will be given constructive feedback and the opportunity to attend a future course at a discounted rate.

Can you guarantee us work as a Close Protection Operative?

While we cannot guarantee any work currently we can put you in contact with the correct people in the industry and provide ongoing support after you have completed your qualification with us.

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