Meet Our Team



Jamie Johns


Jamie served within the British Army for over 10 years with operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and many other countries.  A specialist in urban operations, Jamie taught the British Army tactics involved whilst engaging in urban settings as well as running numerous close protection missions in hostile environments. 

Jamie is also a firearms instructor using a wide range of weapons systems from small arms to 50 cal and long-range bolt action weapons.

Whilst deployed as a sniper in Africa he became an expert in reconnaissance and communications in small teams.  An expert in tactics he learned at the Infantry Battle School, Jamie is in the perfect position to pass on his knowledge to future close protection operatives.

Kevin Capel


A former soldier in the British Army serving from 1992-2002, Kevin specialised in Arctic warfare and Airmobile Artillery serving across the Balkans in multiple operations during the civil war in the Former Yugoslavia. Kevin completed his last operational tour in 2002 in Kosovo moving secure mail from embassies in Kosovo and Macedonia. 

After leaving the Army, Kevin served as frontline firefighter in Bucks Fire and rescue service from 2003-2013 during this time, he also trained to be part of the Urban Search and Rescue Unit based in central Buckinghamshire. 

Alongside these two careers Kevin Boxed as an amateur whilst in the Army and switched to other martial arts after leaving the forces. He now holds the rank of Black Belt in Jeet Kune Do, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kevin competed extensively in the Masters division in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and won a European title and 3 British titles at black belt and runs a successful full time dojo in Aylesbury. 

For a pass time Kevin is a keen shotgun enthusiast and also shoots on Corinium Rifle range regularly to keep his hand in. And has now started to take a serious interest in playing chess.


Samantha Fox


Sam has an extensive medical background with 11 years experience. She graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2010 and has since gained experience in both pharmaceuticals and community nursing. Sam spent 6 years working as an emergency nurse in a busy A&E working with the specialist doctors to provide the highest quality care each day including throughout the pandemic.  She also has a level 3 teaching certificate.

Sam is also a teaching assistant where she works closely with children with special learning needs and adapting teaching methods to help them achieve their goals. 

Charlie Davis


Charlie was an Infantry Officer in the British Army for 5 years, leaving as a Captain. While passing the Infantry Officers Battle School, Charlie went through extensive defence and security tactics training. These skills were practiced on a variety of overseas deployments throughout his career as a Platoon Commander. 

Charlies passion is in training troops. His last posting was at the Infantry Training School Catterick where he ran the training for over 100 soldiers each year. He was recognised for always ensuring the highest quality infantry recruits were passed out into the Field Army, making him a perfect candidate for TSCM training course quality assurance officer.

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